Ten Sufi Thoughts

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Ten Sufi Thoughts

These comprise all the important subjects with which the inner life of man is concerned:

One: There is one God, the Eternal, the Only Being; none else exists save God.

Two: There is one Master, the Guiding Spirit of all souls, who constantly leads all followers towards the light.

Three: There is one Holy Book, the sacred manuscript of nature, which truly enlightens all readers.

Four: There is one Religion, the unswerving progress in the right direction towards the ideal, which fulfills the life's purpose of every soul.

Five: There is one Law, the law of Reciprocity, which can be observed by a selfless conscience together with a sense of awakened justice.

Six: There is one human Brotherhood, the Brotherhood and Sisterhood which unites the children of earth indiscriminately in the Fatherhood of God.

Seven: There is one Moral Principle, the love which springs forth from self-denial, and blooms in deeds of beneficence.

Eight: There is one Object of Praise, the beauty which uplifts the heart of its worshipper through all aspects from the seen to the unseen.

Nine: There is one Truth, the true knowledge of our being within and without which is the essence of all wisdom.

Ten: There is one Path, the annihilation of the false ego in the real, which raises the mortal to immortality and in which resides all perfection.



一 永恒,独存者即唯一真主,独一至大。

二 不断将追随者引致光明者,即是唯一导师,能引领所有灵魂。

三 自性的神圣手稿,即是唯一圣经,即唯一能启迪阅读者的经典。

四 能正确直接的达到完美的正途即是唯一的宗教,能使每个灵魂完美的达到生命目的。

五 唯一的律法即平等互惠,需要通过无我及与万物平等的见地而遵守。

六 唯一手足之情即全人类兄友弟恭,即以大地之子的身份平等的置于上帝的父爱之中。

七 只有一种道德原则,即无我中流溢出的爱,籍由慈悲行动而弥笃。(弥笃 读音:mídǔ 可以理解为坚定不移)

八 只有一种美妙的崇拜仪式, 即通过可见至不可见的所有层面提升心的臣服程度。

九 只有一个真理,即认识自我是所有智慧的本质。

十 只有一条道路,在实相中泯灭自我,可将人提升至无死及安住于完美。